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Environmental Health and Safety

Our commitment is to recover and process ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a safe, healthy and environmentally sensitive manner.

  • Ensure all our processes are environmentally sound and always strive to meet the highest standards in quality control.

  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, customers and visitors.

  • Comply with all SHEQ legislation.

  • Waste Processing License 

  • Universal has developed an Environmental Management System, its purpose being to describe how environmental impacts of our business are managed and monitored and how positive environmental impacts are maximised.

The main areas of concern which we have identified are:

Air - The non-ferrous shredder is equipped with a Liquicell multi-stage, in-line scrubbing system to ensure that air pollution from the shredder is kept well within the standards for ambient air quality regulations.

Soil - All our facilities are entirely concreted, ensuring no release of oils, lubricants, coolants or other soluble materials which could contaminate the soil and underground water.

Water - All water run-off, including rainwater and processed water, is diverted into various underground sumps and dams which are built all around the facility. Our various processes - which use water principally - utilise the water collected in these sumps. This ensures that fresh water use is kept to an absolute minimum and no contaminated water can leave our facilities.

Waste - Our waste material is analysed on an ongoing basis and we are continually looking at alternative solutions to our waste products.

All material arriving and leaving any of our facilities must pass through our portal radiation detection equipment, ensuring the protection of our employees, our equipment, the environment and our clients. Any contaminated material identified is handled according to regulations and this material is taken out of the recycling loop.